New York City Vacation!

So last week Thomas, my dad, and I went to New York City. We took an Amtrak train from Tonawanda, New York, to New York, New York, basically across the state. The train to New York was nice and had decent wifi. About eight and a half hours into the trip the train went underground. At one time the train came out of the tunnel for a second, but during that that time I looked through the window an saw a sign on a wall, 49th Street. That let me know we were almost at our stop, Penn Station. When we got off the train at Penn Station I was met with more than I expected. The station itself was huge. It took us about ten minutes just to get out of the station. After we got out of the station we saw Madison Square Garden. The Empire State Building was right next to us and we didn’t notice.  We walked a mile to Times Square where our apartment was. The apartment had extremely good internet and was very small, but good enough to suit our needs. The first half day in NYC we just wandered. We walked down Fifth Avenue and went to a tourist shop. I got two plates with the Statue of Liberty on them, one silver for me and a golden one for mom when I got home. On the way to Fifth Avenue we went and saw the Grand Central Station. Just going inside was enough for me. It was amazing. After we went to the tourist shop we went to a store that was full of gem clusters and dinosaur fossils. New York City 040

Me behind two quartz balls.


Fossilized Dinosaur egg.



New York City 026

Me with the Empire State Building in the background.

The next day we went to a grocery store and bought a few things, and ate breakfast back at the apartment. After that we walked and walked, and WALKED down Fifth Avenue until we finally found something interesting, a Microsoft store. It was very cool and MY style, video game style :DDDDD. Okay that’s a lot. But yeah a lot of video game stuff in there, not much more to it.


Thomas and I in front of the Microsoft store.

The next stop was an Apple store, just a lot more crowded and boring. The Apple store had a bunch of tables with Mac books, Ipads, Iphones, and Ipods. It was more of a device store than a gaming store. We walked for even longer until we finally reached our destination, the Metropolitan Museum Of Art.


Can You Believe that this isn’t a room? 

First we saw some wood working from the Italian Renaissance. It was pretty cool, but almost nothing to me than our next stop the arms and armor. It’s no wonder that only rich soldiers could wear this stuff and almost never be killed (however I’m glad i never had to wear it, it was fifty five pounds for men’s armor, and sixty five for horses).


A horse and Knight in armor.



Me in front of a knight and Horse.

The armor was amazing. There was almost no part where the body wasn’t covered by heavy metal. Maybe one tiny part just above the legs was uncovered, and the knights would be riding a horse. Next we saw Greek and Roman statues of basically naked men like Perseus and Hercules.


Two temples brought to America from Egypt.

Also we went to the Ancient Egypt area and saw some cool things like temples brought from Egypt to America because they would have been submerged, and the Egyptian government wanted to save them. We also saw some Pharaoh statues, well actually tons of them. That was about all we did at the Met.


A tomb of a Pharaoh 


Overlooking the entrance of the Met from a balcony.

The Met happened to be about four miles away from our apartment so we took the subway to a further place where we met one of Dad’s friends. We went to Brooklyn with Dad’s friend and got pizza, (because of my allergies I had to get a hamburger and chips.) We talked a little bit after we ate dinner, and then we took the subway back to Times Square. I played a little Minecraft, and then I went to bed. The next day the guy who owned the apartment came and told us a good place to store our stuff until we came back for it to leave. After we stored our stuff we took a subway to the new World Trade Center.


The World Trade Center.

After we saw the Trade Center we walked to the Staten Island Ferry. The Ferry went right by the Statue of Liberty , which was the main reason we went on the Ferry.


The Statue of Liberty.

When we went back to Manhattan we saw an awesome view of the city with the World Trade Center looming over all the buildings. We took the subway back to Times Square and got our stuff from the storage center and almost ran to Penn Station, almost. When we got on the train we found out that it was a lot nicer than the other one, the reason being that it was an overnight train. At one point near the beginning of the trip the wifi went completely out until we got to Albany, where it performed a lot better than the other train for the whole trip. We got back home at 1 AM.

By the end of our trip we had walked a total of TEN MILES!  I thought that the fact that we got to stay right by Times Square and still be able to sleep at night was very cool. Altogether New York, the biggest city in America, home of some of the biggest buildings in the world, was amazing.


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