Starting Minecraft Eggwars (Money Wars)

Around the beginning of June (Today be July 20th) I started playing a Minecraft Minigame called Egg wars. It is always called Money Wars by Youtubers. Most of the people who play Egg wars including me play it on an awesome server called Cubecraft. The point of the game is to collect iron, gold, and diamond tokens for gear, blocks and food. The best way to spend your tokens is spend iron on a wooden or stone sword or axe, food and sandstone blocks. Gold is used for tier 2 gear like chain mail gear and iron weapons, its also use to buy obsidian for you egg’s protection, you need to protect your egg or otherwise you will no longer be able to respawn when you die after your egg is broken. You also use gold for arrows and golden apples. You use diamond tokens to buy tier 3 gear, diamond sword, bow, iron armor, player tracker, and god apples, and no you can not get a crafting table and make diamond gear.

The best way to play the game as a beginner is to max out your island only going to center to get 5 diamonds to activate yours (not all maps have diamond gens on a players base). If your very protective break your bridge to mid (This method however is not recommended by Youtubers or me). Obsidian costs ten gold each which is more expensive then i sounds, you need 5 pieces of obsidian (50 gold) to 90% protect your egg (unless you are doing overpowered items mode (exclusive to Cubecraft) where obsidian costs 3 gold). (It is never 100% protected because obby is not unbreakable). I still am a freak about doing this before I adventure to center.

I started playing eggwars after my brother on Jartex network  which always gave me bad ping so I quickly moved over to Cubecraft. I never bothered to obsidian my egg when i was new to the game and i always lost :(. Soon i learned that i would never win until i obbied my egg so I always obbied my egg and then went to center and back to activate my diamond genner, then I’d sit at my base getting stacked. “But Jack.” said Mitch (not really,  “you wont win by sitting at your base, you gotta get to work breaking eggs not relying on everyone else to do it so you can wreck them.”

After watching Mitch play eggwars for the first time i no longer sat at my base, i won WAY more, like WAY MORE. And now here i am, an awesome eggwars player, not sitting at base, obbying the egg, winning, getting expensive kits way quicker. Have fun guys remember, Obsidian, Good gear, Aggression, and you’ll do fine, See ya!


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