Jonathan Marden & Alexander Lonsho chp. 2

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Chapter 2

Legien Terror

About an hour after we encountered the pack of monsters, we started to hear shouts of soldiers and the clang of swords hitting each other.

“Slow your horse down Alex,” I said as we reached EpicjetMan1780’s castle.

We crept over to an entrance at the very back of the castle that was clear from Legien soldiers.

“Open up!” I shouted. 

I saw a head peer over the wall, and before I knew it, the door opened, and the instant we got in, it closed. I led Alexander to EpicjetMan1780’s base and knocked on the door.

“General Gregor?” asked a voice from inside, which I recognized as EpicjetMan1780’s.

“No Jonathan!” I shouted as I tied Black Jet and Klien to a pole.

Then the door opened and there was EpicJetMan1780 himself.

“You’re here already!” said EpicJetMan1780 in surprise, “Come in.”

Alex and I came into Epic’s cabin and found a sword, a set of armor, and a magic bow which didn’t need arrows.

“That’s for you Jona… Who’s this?” Asked EpicjetMan1780.

“I am Alexander Lonsho, Jonathan’s best friend.” said Alexander.

“Thank you for coming Alexander. Let me get a set of battle gear for you. And in a blink of an eye he disappeared, and in five seconds he appeared in the same spot, but next to my set of armor and weapons was a set for Alexander.

“Could we also have two sets of armor for our horses?” I asked.

“Sure,” said EpicjetMan1780, and before he finished saying sure a set of armor appeared on Black Jet and Klien, without us knowing.

As soon as Epic left, Alex and I put on our armor and mounted our horses after getting over how Epic got the armor to appear on the horses. Then we crept behind the Legien forces. After I told Alexander my plan, we charged in and laid waste to a whole section of the army, but like my plan we had to run to a hiding spot. We tied Black Jet and Klien to a tree, then climbed it.

“Get your bow out Alex!” I whispered. “We’ve hunted animals, we can hunt Legiens!”

I locked my target on a Legien commander, while waiting for the barrage to load (A special thing about EpicjetMan1780’s mega bows that make them shoot seven extra arrows), then fired. My shot hit its mark and the barrage hit five out of seven more extra shots. Then Alexander’s shots hit another commander and five extra hits. With two sections without commanders the Legiens panicked. Alex and I climbed down and rode into battle. I charged in to fight with my sword, while Alexander stayed behind and fired arrows. This strategy totally worked, and we laid waste to the remaining soldiers of the section. While Alex was firing arrows he must’ve shot another commander because I saw a Legien commander on the ground, but I was too exhausted to sword fight any more, so Alexander and I switched positions. I started firing arrows while Alex sword fought, and we destroyed another section.

We rode to the back entrance and met EpicjetMan1780 in his cabin.

“How on earth did you do that boys?” asked EpicjetMan1780.

“I don’t know, but I do know that Alex and I really need to rest a bit.” I said.

“All right, you can stay in my base today, but tonight you are not going to get much sleep because we fight at night. And tomorrow you need to get your own tent and supplies

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