Jonathan Marden The Boy who saved EpicJetMan1780s’s Kingdom

Jonathan Marden

The Boy Who Saved

EpicJetMan1780’s Kingdom

Johnathan Marden picture

Book 1 of the Heroes of EpicJetMan1780’s Kingdom

By Jack Duke


Chapter One

The Monster

It had been just over three weeks since I got back from Epica, the capital city of EpicjetMan1780’s kingdom, and I could not stop talking about the things I had seen on my visit. Then three weeks and two days after I got home, the doorbell rang. I went and answered the door. It wasn’t my friend Alexander like I expected. It was a commander from EpicJetMan1780’s army!

“Hello Jonathan, this is a letter from EpicJetMan1780,” said the commander.

“Thanks.” I said.

The letter said:

Dear Jonathan,

I need your help very much at this

time. The capital city of my kingdom

it being attacked by Legeina’s biggest

and best army. Don’t ask any questions.

Just come as soon as you can.


After reading the letter I went to my mother’s bedroom and got through her fit, which was surprisingly not too bad. I got my sword (in this world [and kingdom especially] every man ten years and up has a sword) , and then left after saying goodbye to my little brother, Lucas.

As I mounted Black Jet, my horse (nine years up, mostly guys, they all have horses), I heard a scream from Alexander’s house. I rushed over to see what was the matter. I found Alexander in his backyard running from a small green monster. Despite it’s small size, I knew it could be extremely dangerous, shooting poisonous projectiles at it’s victim. I distracted the monster and lured him into a area where he would not poison Alexander’s property. Then I took my sword out of it’s sheath and sliced the monsters head off. I galloped away, but before I was to the next house, Alexander called,” Jonathan! Were are you going? Come back.”

So I went back to Alexanders house and asked, “What do want?”

“I want to know were you’re going.”

“I’m going to EpicJetMan1780’s fortress in Epica to help him defend it from the Legiens.”

“Can I come with you?” asked Alexander.

“Sure, Ask your mom though! Just make sure and bring a horse and a sword.” I replied.

Then Alexander went into his house and came back with a sword, but he also had

brought two helmets for us to wear. Then he got his horse Klein.

We both put on the helmets Alexander had brought with his sword and then rode off to

EpicjetMan1780’s castle.

 When we were about half way to the castle, Alexander and I encountered a pack of four more poisons monsters about to devour a girl who couldn’t be more than five years old. We charged in and killed every monster, then dragged them to the nearest area without houses.jmarden1 001.png


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