March 3 on 3 Hockey Tournament.

In early March I went to a hockey 3 on 3 tournament in Canada. My team was named the Buffalo Wings. I personally didn’t really like the name, but it didn’t matter. Our team won our first game. I think the final score was nine to six. Then we tied our second game nine to nine.  Our team was in first or second place after that! (: My whole team stayed at the same hotel that night. After our games were over, we went to a Boston Pizza restaurant on Clifton Hill. The restaurant had a whole half filled with arcade games, lots of fun. After my team ate, we went back to the hotel and swam for I don’t know how long, two hours? After that we played mini sticks hockey with too many rules until it was time to eat supper. We went to an Italian restaurant that I couldn’t eat anything at because of my allergies. ): Luckily my Dad had gone back home to pick up a few things, one of which was a supper for me. After our team got back from the restaurant, we played mini sticks until almost midnight (Very late saying we’re a bunch of ten-year-olds). The next morning at the rink we got walloped by a team that had had practice for the tournament nine to nothing, unfair. ): In another hour we played our last game. Right before the first half ended I was going to the boards to get the puck and someone ran me into the boards. “I’m alright stop asking! Maybe it hurt a bit at first.” Our team won the game I think eight to five against the team we beat nine to six and finished the tournament in third place (: [: (:  .



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